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Where to start, oh, where to start? Tolkien had me down as Finduilas the wife of Denethor and the mother of Boromir and Faramir. Sad but proud, yearning for the sea, always unhappy and all that crap. I had no lines in the book! Dispicable! But hell, i'm still in it and i'm damn well important too.

Where was i? Oh yes. Here in mespt there are two version of each of my darling children. boromirofgondor, boromirthereal, faramir, faramirofgondor. I also since this being mespt and all have a 5th child, a lovely daughter called yoko_irmo.

I divorced Denethor. Who's now married to Theodred...i think. Can't be too sure. We're on good terms though. Better than we when we were married when i was usually throwing bottles of vodka and assorted cutlery at him.

I was adopted by earwen and have way too many siblings to count with my fingers now. There's Imrahil, Ivriniel, Celeborn (also my best friend and drinking partner), Aegnor, Angrod, all the Galadriels and god knows how many others.

A another worth mentioning. ALCOHOL. I like it. There, all done :)